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Single action suction airbrush

Single action suction airbrush

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✔️ Single action airbrush by suction

✔️ Quick paint change

✔️ Perfect for making sub-layers

✔️ Ideal for large painting

This professional airbrush is designed to give you a great airbrush painting experience!

Perfect for artwork, makeup, nail art beauty, body art, design painting, model painting, cake decorating, crafts, models and fine arts such as car painting illustration, textile and t-shirt painting.



Single-action airbrush.
Spray pattern adjusts from 1/4" to 1-1/2" for maximum versatility.
Includes a thin head airbrush, a 5 foot PU hose, a 22 cc jar with lid, a propulsion regulator and an adapter (1/4" air hose from the compressor to the small airbrush hose).

With an elegant design and small size.

The single-action trigger design saves paint and is durable.

Widely used by model airbrush enthusiasts.
Wide range of applications: model making, cake decorating, crafts, model and fine arts, tattoos, nail art, etc.

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Spécifications : :
Color : Black
Material: Plastic
Type of feed: Siphon feeds
Switching mode: Single action
Nozzle diameter: 0.8mm / 0.031in
Fluid cutting capacity: 22cc / 1.34cu in
Air hose: 1.5 m / 4.9 ft.
Working pressure: 1-4 Bars
Spraying distance: 50-100mm 
Spray Adjustment: Internal Adjustment
Item Size: Approx. 13.5 * 1.5 * 3.5cm 
Item Weight: Approx. 22.5g 
Package Size: Approx. 19 * 11 * 5cm
Package weight: Approx. 318.8g


How to spray :

Fill the cup with liquid after it has been well diluted.
Hold the airbrush lightly in your hand.

By pressing the main lever, an air current emerges. Then, it is pulled back gradually for the atomization of the color.

The shape of the spray is in accordance with the distance between the work surface and the air brush.

For fine spraying, remove the needle cover and hold the air brush close to a work surface.


Maintenance :

Empty the liquid tank and wash it with water or solvent using a brush.
Fill the tank again with water or solvent, then plug the needle guard with a finger and spray.

The air returns to the nozzle to clean any paint remaining on the airbrush.


Including : 

1 * 0.8 mm single action airbrush
1 * 22cc storage pot
1 * 22cc feed siphon
1 * PU pipe
1 * Connector
1 * Eye drops
1 * Gas tank pressure relief valve
1 * User's manual
1 * Storage box for the airbrush kit



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pierre loustau

Bon service, rapide et sérieux

bernard stophe

Très satisfait de mon acquisition,simple utilisation et très maniable. Super


Very nice . Thank you

Pierre Lueilwitz

article correspondant à la description,envois très rapide,7 jours pour les Hauts de France,je recommande ce vendeur.

Angelina Willms

Je ne l'ai pas encore essayé mais il est exactement comme annoncé. Il est arrivé super vite avant 20 jours.