Complete kit airbrush + compressor + needle/nozzle 0.2 0.3 0.5 + cleaning kit
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Complete kit airbrush + compressor + needle/nozzle 0.2 0.3 0.5 + cleaning kit

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Complete airbrush kit

 This complete kit allows you to paint fully with an airbrush. A compressor to send the air under sufficient pressure, a double action airbrush spraying the paint as well as a cleaning kit for a good maintenance of the airbrush and many others.

Can be used for cake decoration, customization and model making.

With an airbrush you save time thanks to its high covering power, paint due to the good paint dilution and finally money because commercially available paint cans are expensive.

Mini air compressor

Stable performance with a pressure range of 0 to 25 psi (1.73 Bars). Adjustable outlet barometric pressure suitable for different application occasions. Suitable for use with thinned acrylic paint.

Oil/water separator to prevent the appearance of water in your airbrush.

Gravity double action airbrush

  • Double action trigger system, one for air and the other to adjust the amount of paint to be sent.
  • Adjustable stop to determine the maximum amount of paint to send.
  • 9cc cut for greater paint capacity.
  • Adjustable pressure directly on the airbrush at the front of the system.

Airbrush for model making, cake decorations, car repair, camouflage contour drawing, nail art, etc. 0.2 mm needles and nozzles, 0.5 mm replaceable, wide spray pattern, action trigger for easy and accurate spraying.

How does a gravity airbrush work?

With a gravity airbrush the operation is simple The nozzle is placed above the body, the paint reaches the nozzle by flowing thanks to gravity.


  • Allows for greater precision and is suitable for all formats
  • Fast reaction time for more precision
  • Ambidextrous system 
  • Easy to clean
  • Can use of thick paint
  • Being able to work at low pressure


But the paint bucket is quite small (otherwise it would obstruct visibility), which can be a constraint if you have to paint large surfaces. Moreover, this cup is often fixed, which implies that it must be cleaned between each color.

Gravity airbrushes are the most common, you can even mix internally or externally.

Nozzles and needles 0.2/ 0.3/ 0.5

Aiguilles et buses de 0,2 mm, 0,5 mm remplaçables. À changer pour plus ou moins de précision, attention à ne pas tordre l'aiguille ni la buse.

Cleaning kit

Brushes to thoroughly clean your airbrush with a needle to clean your nozzles.

A quick-release coupling and a wrench to unscrew your nozzle safely.

Use of airbrush

  • Pastry / kitchen :
  • Model making / scale model : 
  • Decoration / customization :

In this kit to start the airbrush we have depending on the choice of batch :

1 * Air compressor
1 * Airbrush
1 * Stand
1 * Power adapter
2 * Airbrush needles 
2 * Nozzles
1 * G1/8 quick adapter
1 * Key
1 * 1.8m Pipe
2 * Cleaning brush
1 * Gold airbrush needle tool
1 * Oil-water separator
1 * Dropper


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Tout est comme il se doit. L'expédition est arrivée en 23 jours.


not sure if this works as waiting for paint but all equipment is here. intially we though we ordered the one with the dial to turn speed but another one came so make sure when ordering you have correct in your basket




Tout est parfait.


tout est super, je le recommande pour les débutants