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Two professional airbrushes FENGDA BD 280K: Gravity + suction + needle

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Gravity airbrush BD 208 :

  • Type of feed: gravity
  • Nozzle: 0.2/0.3 mm
  • Cup capacity: 2 ml
  • Operating pressure: 1 to 3.5 Bars





How does a gravity airbrush work?

With a gravity airbrush the operation is simple The nozzle is placed above the body, the paint reaches the nozzle by flowing thanks to gravity.


  • Allows for greater precision and is suitable for all formats
  • Fast reaction time for more precision
  • Ambidextrous system
  • Easy to clean and maintai
  • Can use of thick paint
  • Being able to work at low pressure


But the paint bucket is quite small (otherwise it would obstruct visibility), which can be a constraint if you have to paint large surfaces. Moreover, this cup is often fixed, which implies that it must be cleaned between each color.

Gravity airbrushes are the most common, you can even mix internally or externally.



BD-128P Suction Airbrush

  • Type of supply: suction
  • Buse : 0,35/0,5 mm
  • Cup capacity: 22ml
  • Cup capacity: 22ml



How does a vacuum airbrush work?

With a suction airbrush, the spray head is fed by suction; the liquid is sucked into the spray head and ejected.

The containers are bottles with a dip tube immersed in the liquid to be sucked. 

  • First advantage of the vacuum process: The container allows you to apply a sufficient quantity of paint for medium or large surfaces without having to refill it during the work.
  • The second advantage is to be able to change bottles quickly when changing colors.

The suction time is very short, but it can be complicated for very precise work.  

In short, this airbrush is perfect for people who want to cover large areas with precision and speed between changes.


Use of airbrush

  • Bakery / kitchen :
  • Model making / scale model :
  • Decoration / customization :

How does an airbrush work?

1. Fill the cup with diluted liquid/ paint.

2. By pressing the vertical trigger the air emerges, by pulling you send more or less paint.

Spraying is proportional to the distance between the airbrush and the part. 

You have to manage the distance, pressure and paint dilution to get the desired effect.


Included in the package : 
1* air hose 1.8 m 

1* Disassembly key

1* Adapter (G1/4-G1/8)


1* set of interchangeable nozzles and needles: 0,3/ 0,5 mm

1*glass jar (22cc)















Fenhua Bida Machinery Manufacture Co. is a leading supplier of solutions for airbrush and oil-free compressors. Through our commitment to customer-centric innovation and our high production capacity of 500,000 airbrush assemblies and 200,000 compressor assemblies annually, we have established end-to-end advantages in the field of oil-free airbrushes and compressors. Our products have been used in more than 100 countries around the world.

Bida's vision is to enrich life with our product. Leveraging our 23 years of manufacturing experience and design expertise, we maintain a constant focus on our customers, partnering with them and committing ourselves to meeting their goals and needs. We rely on in-depth knowledge of our customers and continuous feedback to guide our priorities and influence the way we work. And as a reliable, long-term partner, we are passionate about our clients' success and create new value for them by launching more than five new products designed by ourselves every year.


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Un aérographe peut pulvériser tous les liquides ?

Un aérographe peut projeter n'importe quel liquide du moment qu'il est suffisamment dilué avec le bon diluant.

Pourquoi avoir besoin d'un compresseur ?

Un compresseur permet d'alimenter l'aérographe en air comprimé, il est donc indispensable.

Est-il facile de nettoyer un aérographe ?

Oui, avec de la pratique un nettoyage se fait en 3 minutes. Regardez nos tutos pour en apprendre d'avantage.

Est-ce que je peux utiliser cet aérographe en pâtisserie ?

Oui, il suffit d'utiliser des colorants alimentaires.

Est-ce que je peux l'utiliser pour peindre des figurines ?

Oui, avec un aérographe et un compresseur vous pourrez pulvériser de la peinture sur vos maquettes.

Je n'ai pas de nouvelles de mon colis, que faire ?

Envoyez un mail à et nous vous répondrons au plus vite.

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